European forests

Conserving biodiversity through sustainable forestry management

260.000 jobs in Europe

Bringing social and economic added value to rural areas

Use more wood

Reduce CO2 emissions and tackle climate change

Building with wood

A natural, strong, durable and recyclable material

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International Hardwood Conference, 17 September 2015, Copenhagen


Schweighofer Prize 2015 - Vienna, 16 June 2015


Austrian Federal Minister Andrä Rupprechter, Erich Wiesner (winner of the prize), Gerald Schweighofer, Austrian Federal Minister Rudolf Hundstorfer, Claudius Kollmann and Alfred Teischinger (jury)

More info about the Schweighofer Prize

EOS General Assembly - Vienna 16 June 2015


Club du Bois meeting - Strasbourg 28 April 2015


European Parliament - Strasbourg 

MEP Maria Noichl, MEP Miapetre Kumpula-Natri and Assistant and EOS Secretary General Kimmo Järvinen

EPF Managing Director Clive Pinnington, MEP Paul Brannen, CEI-Bois President Marc Michielsen and EOS Board member Ernest Schillinger

MEP Sirpa Pietikainen

MEP Elisabeth Köstinger, Paolo Scommegna (EPF) and MEP Eric Andrieu

MEP Damiano Zoffoli and MEP Brando Benifei

EOS Secretary General Kimmo Järvinen

Brussels Wood Action Days 2014