EOS General Assembly, on 12 October 2016 in Paris

The next EOS General Assembly will be organised in Paris on 12 October 2016 from 2 pm to 5.30 pm in the framework of the 2016 International softwood conference.

During this General Assembly, an official presentation of the Study entitled “CASCADES: Study on the optimized cascading use of wood” will be given by Professor Udo Mantau who is one of the study’s writers. His participation in the EOS General Assembly offers the unique opportunity of clarifying the concept of cascading use of wood and possibly, evaluating on how to position EOS in relation to the announced European guidelines on the cascade use of wood.  After his presentation, Professor Mantau will be available to answer questions.

Furthermore, EOS Members will receive updated information on the following key topics: 

  • Renewable Energy Package: new Renewable Energy Directive and bioenergy sustainability policy post 2020.
  • LULUCF: The new proposal for a Regulation on the inclusion of greenhouse gas emissions and removals from land use, land use change and forestry into the 2030 climate and energy framework.
  • “Promoting sustainable building materials and the implications on the use of wood in buildings”.
  • Bioeconomy: Study on “The future of the European forest-based sector as part of a larger bioeconomy”
  • TRADE: Updated information on the:Environmental Goods Agreement, EU free trade with Canada, EU-JAPAN FTA: update on tariff and non-tariff barriers.

The General Assembly will be concluded with a presentation of the internal organization issues and the invitation to the next EOS General Assembly.

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