On 20 February, Council and European Parliament negotiators reached a provisional political agreement on a regulation to establish the first EU-level certification framework for carbon removals. The voluntary framework is intended to facilitate and speed up the deployment of high-quality carbon removal and soil emission reduction activities in the EU. [...]


Investment barriers in the European Union 2023

The report underscores the pivotal role of investment in the economy while meticulously detailing the constraints that impede investment at the national and EU level. This year’s report takes a particular look at the role of commercial power purchase agreements in renewable energy projects, climate resilience investments in transport systems, [...]


Pact for Skills: Analysing of up- and reskilling policy initiatives and identifying best practices

Treating up- and reskilling activities as a top priority is paramount for the EU. By addressing technological advancements, driving economic growth, achieving sustainability goals, mitigating social disparities, and anticipating future challenges, the EU can position itself as a global leader in the 21st century. It is through these strategic investments [...]


European Commission’s Transition Pathway for Construction

The update of the EU Industrial Strategy highlights the need to accelerate the green and digital transitions. In this context, a co-creation process was launched to create a Transition Pathway for Construction (published on 15 March 2023) and describe the conditions and recommended actions to achieve a resilient, competitive, more [...]


Communication on a recommended 2040 emissions reduction target

On 6.02. the Commission  published a detailed impact assessment on possible pathways to reach the agreed goal of making the European Union climate neutral by 2050. Based on this impact assessment, the Commission recommends a 90% net greenhouse gas emissions reduction by 2040 compared to 1990 levels, launching a discussion [...]


Briefing: Forest reproductive material

Source: Think Tank -EU Parliament On 5 July 2023, the European Commission put forward a proposal for a regulation on the production and marketing of forest reproductive material (FRM) to replace the current FRM Council Directive. The proposal would widen the scope of the current legislation to include not only [...]


Delegated Regulation on fire performance testing of wooden cladding and panelling: Council to consider 3-month extension of the scrutiny period

According to a European Council document dated 22.01.2024, the institution representing the interests of the Member States is considering the possibility of a 3-month extension of the scrutiny period regarding the Delegated Regulation on fire performance testing of wooden cladding and panelling. According to the document, “the Permanent Representatives Committee [...]




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