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The 2016/2017 Edition of EOS Annual Report is now available for sale and you can order your copy simply contacting the EOS Secretariat.  The EOS Annual Report is an important document not only for sawmill industry operators but also for the woodworking industry in general and the larger public.

Indeed, this comprehensive publication contains, along with an exhaustive macroeconomic overview and an in-depth review of the larger trends in the woodworking industries, several special focuses on relevant markets for the European sawmill sector. The core of the report is a very detailed review of the European sawmill sector with data provided by the EOS members and an equally detailed review of the EOS advocacy actions. The report has been enriched by precious contributions of sectoral experts.

Going into more detail, the EOS Annual Report contains a general macroeconomic overview of the most relevant facts in the world economy occurred in last few years, with predictions for the short- and medium-term, prepared by macroeconomic experts.
The report also includes a very detailed analysis of the trends in the woodworking sector – with a particular focus on production, trade, employment, and number of enterprises operating in the sector. An impactful country-by-country analysis of the construction sector in the EU makes up an interesting part of the reports.

Sectoral experts have massively enhanced the document by providing comprehensive overviews of the sawmill sector and the woodworking industry in general in some of the most important markets for the European producers.  The 2016/2017 edition is enriched with the following special focus: “CHINA AND EAST ASIA” by Jenny Wessung, CEO at Woodstat AB, “THE MIDDLE EAST & NORTH AFRICA (MENA): Economic and Wood Market Trends 2017”, by Mr Guillaume Hotelin, Deputy CEO at COMARBOIS, the “IMPACT OF U.S. DUTIES ON CANADIAN AND EUROPEAN SAWNWOOD EXPORTERS DELIVERED SAWNWOOD COST CURVE AND COMPETITIVENESS SET TO CHANGE” by Russ Taylor, President International WOOD MARKETS Group Vancouver, BC and finally “STATUS AND TRENDS OF TIMBER CONSTRUCTION IN BELGIUM” by the EOS Member Mr Hugues Frère, Secretary General of Fédération Nationale Belge des Scieries and Director of Hout Info Bois.

 A detailed one-by-one EOS country members overview of production, consumption, exports, and imports of sawnwood – along with market statements containing important insights on the most relevant European producers -, constitutes a fundamental part of the document.  Equally important is a thorough review of the EOS advocacy actions in Brussels and the position of EOS about the relevant dossiers discussed by the European institutions.

The report is concluded by a summary of the proceedings during the International Softwood Conference organized in 2016.  

In short, the EOS Annual Report is a unique opportunity to enhance your knowledge of the European Sawmill Industry and a lot more. If you are interested in purchasing it, do not hesitate to get in touch with the EOS Secretariat – Ms Silvia Melegari, e-mail address: silvia.melegari@eos-oes.eu  (Secretary General) or Mr Diego Benedetti, e-mail address: diego.benedetti@eos-oes.eu (Economic and Policy Advisor – , who will be glad to answer any questions about the report!)

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