15-point plan to make EU trade and sustainable development chapters more effective

Commissioner Malmström has outlined the EU’s revamped approach to trade and sustainability in its trade agreements.

The Commissioner presented the feedback of the input collected and the way forward to improve the EU TSD chapters to EU member states at this morning's Foreign Affairs Council on trade. The paper is the culmination of a fruitful eight-month debate in the EU institutions and with a broad range of interested parties and will provide a roadmap for future work in this area.

Among those 15 points are: ensuring that countries comply with their commitments through more assertive enforcement; facilitating the monitoring role of civil society; and making EU resources available to support the implementation of sustainable development chapters in trade agreements.

The 15 actions are organised under four headings: Working Together; Enabling Civil Society; Delivering; and Communicating and Transparency.

The Non paper of the Commission services on "Feedback and way forward on improving the implementation and enforcement of Trade and Sustainable Development chapters in EU Free Trade Agreements" is available HERE

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