UK Softwood Conference 2018

On Tuesday 7th March 2018, over 120 leading suppliers, importers and traders of softwood products across the UK and Europe gathered at the UK Softwood Conference 2018, which was held in London.

Several presentations from high quality speakers helped attendees understand the key market dynamics that are shaping production, demand and trade all over the world. EOS President Sampsa Auvinen and the EOS Board Member Mikael Eliasson were also present. Mr Auvinen also delivered a presentation, titled “EU Production and Global Demand”.  He discussed trends and developments across the EU softwood production industry underlining the shift of European softwood exports towards Asian markets.

Other presentations focused on how Brexit might influence the trade patterns of softwood in UK and Europe, on the internal UK sawmill sector in 2017-2018, on the UK housing market and on how global demand of softwood timber has peaked in the past two years and is expected to grow even more until 2022. The Conference also featured a panel discussion involving leading suppliers to the UK, such as Sweden, Latvia, Germany and Finland. Themes discussed in the panel include issues like Brexit, supply sources, sales trends and market forecasts.

(In the picture: EOS President Sampsa Auvinen and the EOS Board Member Mikael Eliasson)

During the debate, TTF MD David Hopkins highlighted the work the TTF has undertaken – in conjunction with major trade organisations across the UK timber industry – to ensure the transition towards a post-Brexit economy is as smooth as possible. This includes keeping high quality standards and regulations (EUTR), negotiating a mutually beneficial customs arrangement with the EU and lobbying the government on VAT upfront payments.

For further information, visit the official web-page: HERE

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