Furniture framework applying circular economy principles

The City of Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city, with a procurement volume of around €0.9 billion per year. Malmö has been actively implementing sustainable procurement over many years, which it defines as procurement that helps to achieve the goals of the Environmental Program for Malmö City 2009-2020 and United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 12 – Sustainable Production and Consumption.

In 2018, Malmö decided to pilot a procurement approach that would increase the reuse of furniture, while drawing as much attention as possible to existing internal services. This pilot was conducted as part of the EU-funded Circular PP project, which aims to use public procurement in the Baltic Sea Region as a catalyst for the transition to a circular economy. Malmö decided to use a framework contract, in order to support more than one supplier, and encourage a healthy, competitive market in furniture reuse and refurbishment. The framework includes office furniture, conference furniture, and preschool and school furniture, and in addition to the City administration, the framework can also be used by Malmö’s seven publically owned companies.

Further information: Press Release

Source: European Commission

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