Draft Council conclusions on the updated Bioeconomy Strategy “A sustainable Bioeconomy for Europe: stenghtening the connection between economy, society and the environment”

Source: Consilium Europa

"With a view to the examination in the Research Working Party on 19 September 2019, delegations will find attached a Presidency draft on the above subject. Delegations are invited to coordinate their position with relevant stakeholders, in particular colleagues responsible for the Common Agriculture Policy."

The Council:

  • REAFFIRMS the central role of the Bioeconomy, which covers agricultural production, food systems, forestry, fisheries, aquaculture and other aquatic resources, bio-energy and the biobased industries, to achieve a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050, halt biodiversity loss, and deliver on sustainability;
  • EMPHASISES that circular Bioeconomy can offer solutions for a sustainable replacement of fossil-based and other non-renewable primary resources by biomaterials, as well as solutions for resource-efficient use and reuse of biomaterials, for example combatting marine litter from plastics and micro-plastics.

Download the draft conclusions.

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