A Taxonomy Delivering Sustainable Growth in Europe – Joint Statemet

The signatories of the joint statement (including the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry) represent sectors of major importance for European economic development and wealth. 

According to the signatories called the Sustainable Investment Regulation and derived Taxonomy should apply the following key principles:

  • The future Taxonomy should help implement the adopted EU legislation, including the EU energy, climate and circular economy legislation as well as other sectoral legislations.
  • The future Taxonomy’s criteria and thresholds should be impact assessed prior to their application, to avoid unintended consequences for the sectors in which they will apply.
  • The future Taxonomy’s criteria and thresholds should also be developed and assessed by EU Member States and stakeholders.
  • The future Taxonomy should be technology neutral and lead to investment in innovation, infrastructure and solutions that help achieve the EU goals cost-effectively.
  • The future Taxonomy should adopt a transitional, evidence-based and pragmatic approach, which reflects today’s technological development, available renewable and highly efficient low-carbon solutions significantly contributing to the transition, as well as current energy mixes and existing infrastructure.
  • The future Taxonomy should better tackle environmental sustainability but also the social and economic pillars of sustainability.

Copy of the joint statement is available here.

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