European Commission 2020 Work Programme: What is Relevant for the European Sawmill Industry

On January 29 the European Commission has published its work programme.

A Union that strives for more. The people of Europe made their voice heard in record numbers at last year’s European elections. They presented Europe’s institutions and leaders with a clear task to be bold and resolute in tackling our generational challenges. They expect their Union to deliver for them where it matters the most. The European Commission is committed to responding to that call. To build a Union that strives for more. Throughout the next year and the decade ahead, our Union has a unique opportunity to lead the transition to a fair, climate-neutral, digital Europe. This twin ecological and digital transition will affect us all: every country, every region, every person. It will cut across every part of our society and economy. But for it to be successful, it must be just and inclusive for all. The European Union can only fully grasp the opportunities the twin transitions will bring if we draw on all of our strengths and our diversity. In doing so, we must always continue to fight for equality, uphold our values and defend the rule of the law.

The legislative and non-legislative initiatives which are of interest for the European sawmill industry are reported below:

  • European Climate Law enshrining the 2050 climate neutrality objective (legislative, Q1 2020)
  • The European Climate Pact (non-legislative, Q3 2020)
  • 2030 Climate Target Plan (non-legislative, incl. impact assessment, Q3 2020);
  • New EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change (non-legislative, Q4 2020);
  • New EU Forest Strategy (non-legislative, Q4 2020)
  • New Circular Economy Action Plan (non-legislative, Q1 2020);
  • Empowering the consumer for the green transition (legislative, incl. impact assessment, Q4 2020)
  • EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 (non-legislative, Q1 2020);
  • Industrial Strategy (non-legislative, Q1 2020);
  • Single Market Enforcement Action Plan (non-legislative, Q1 2020);
  • SME Strategy (non-legislative, Q1 2020);
  • WTO reform initiative (non-legislative, Q4 2020)

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