Renovation Wave strategy & New European Bauhaus

On 14 October 2020 the European Commission presented the “Renovation Wave strategy” aiming for more and deeper renovation in Europe. With this Strategy, the Commissions' target is to at least double this rate by 2030, while increase the average gains in term of energy efficiency. This could lead to renovate 35 million buildings in the coming decade.

As recognised by the EU Commission, delivering the depth and volume of renovation Europe needs, ultimately requires a strong and competitive construction sector, embracing innovation and sustainability to increase quality and reduce cost. In this respect “the Commission promotes environmental sustainability of building solutions and materials, INCLUDING WOOD and bio-based materials, nature-based solutions and recycled materials on the basis of a comprehensive life-cycle assessment approach. It will address the sustainability performance of construction products in the context of its revision of the Construction Product Regulation and it will develop by 2023 a roadmap leading up to 2050 for reducing whole life-cycle carbon emissions in buildings. The Commission will also accelerate work with standardisation organisations on climate resilience standards for buildings.”

In the framework of this initiative, more information was also provided on the New European Bauhaus. This will be an interdisciplinary project, co-steered by an advisory board of external experts including scientists, architects, designers, artists, planners and civil society that will create experimental spaces where art, culture, science and technology can imagine, test and demonstrate new solutions.

The NEW EUROPEAN BAUHAUS is expected to promote sustainable design and nature-based materials.

The Commission will launch calls for proposals under the next Multi-Annual Framework in all relevant programmes. The “delivery” of the first European Bauhaus' construction or transformation will start in the second half of 2021. From now until summer 2021 the Commission will conduct a broad participatory co-creation process; followed by the setting up of a network of five founding Bauhaus in 2022.  

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