CONSULATION. Energy efficiency – Revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive

As part of the European Green Deal, the European Commission plans a potential revision of the EU energy performance of buildings directive (EPBD) to help deliver on the EU's increased climate ambition for 2030 and 2050. The EPBD was originally adopted in 2010 and later amended in 2018 with a view to improving the energy performance and increasing the rate of renovation of commercial and residential buildings in the EU.

On 23 February,  the EC published a roadmap on the revision of the Energy Performance of buildings Directive (EPBD), as usual it is open for feedback for a month (until the 22/03).

The directive is so far the main legislative vehicle of the Renovation Wave Strategy. It is already positive that in the roadmap they write that “buildings are responsible for GHG emissions not only during  their operation, but over their whole lifecycle, including production and transport of materials, construction, refurbishment and end of life; however, such embodied carbon is rarely addressed. Buildings are also vulnerable to the increasingly severe impacts of climate change.”

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