Charter for Wood 2.0 in Dialogue

On 10 June, EOS attended as speaker the "Charter for Wood 2.0 in Dialogue" event.  It became clear that wood from sustainable forestry is indispensable – not only for climate protection and the transformation to a bio-based circular economy, but also as an economic factor. The extensive use of wood as a long-lasting carbon sink and alternative to materials with a disadvantageous environmental balance offers enormous potential, especially in the area of building and construction.

The presentations and stimulating discussions on the structures and programmes of the forestry and wood policies in France, Austria and Sweden showed that the exchange beyond one's own national borders is enriching and important, and that the series "Charter for Wood 2.0 in Dialogue" offers a valuable platform for this.  In the concluding panel discussion on the opportunities and limits of wood use in times of climate change, it became clear that ways must be found to resolve conflicting goals within the Green Deal between the areas of biodiversity and increased wood use, e.g. for wood construction in the building sector, but also that politics, business, science and civil society must work together in view of the major challenges regarding climate protection, value creation and the conservation of finite resources.

EOS Secretary General stated “Health forests and wood products production goes hand to hands. The two thing are interlinked and connected. Climate protection, bioeconomy, circular economy,in all these areas the wood working industries can bring an important contribution. There is no doubts that our value chain from the sawmill industries to the pulp and paper is a positive example of circular bio-economy. We value each piece of wood.  From logs to bark, there is an application.”…. “Forest protection is high in the EU agenda, but from who or what we need to protect our forests. Forests are under pressure due to climate change, pest diseases and natural events. Selling wood has represented an important solution in these cases. Unfortunately the economic value of forests, when discussing forest protection is completely underestimated, and often not even taken into account.”… “R&D also plays a fundamental role in wood promotion. Considering that our forest composition will change, we absolutely need to invest more in new wood application for un-used wood quality.

To promote wood, we shall at the same time to create favourable legislative and market conditions aiming at enhancing the competitiveness of the entire value chain.”

Around 250 viewers followed the livestream and participated virtually in the discussions. You will find the entire stream as well as your presentation here shortly:

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