EU soil strategy for 2030

Source: EU Commission.

  • The new EU soil strategy for 2030 sets out a framework and concrete measures to protect and restore soils, and ensure that they are used sustainably. It sets a vision and objectives to achieve healthy soils by 2050, with concrete actions by 2030. The EU soil strategy for 2030 replaces the former Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection from 2006.
  • The Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 announced a new Soil Strategy to make European soils healthy again and strive to achieve land degradation neutrality by 2030, one of the Sustainable Development Goals the EU subscribed to. 

Healthy soils are essential to meet climate and biodiversity goals under the European Green Deal. Part of the EU biodiversity strategy for 2030, this initiative will update the current strategy to address soil degradation and preserve land resources (‘land degradation neutrality’). The goals are to protect soil fertility, reduce erosion and sealing, increase organic matter, identify contaminated sites, restore degraded soils, and define what constitutes ‘good ecological status’ for soils.

All revelant documents are avaialble HERE.

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