Ukraine War: CEI-Bois and EOS – shock in the wood product value chain to be expected.

The European timber industry is watching with great concern Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the correlated economic and financial implications. European sanctions against trading with Russia and Belarus are expected to produce a shock in the wood product value chain. The war in Ukraine is already impacting transport and supply chains in several countries.

Following a meeting of the main trade bodies for the timber industry, CEI-Bois (the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries) and EOS (the European Organisation of the Sawmill Industry) recognised that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine poses a real threat to peace and security in Europe while direct consequences on the timber business should be expected. At the same time, the European timber industry understands the decisions on a trade ban between Europe and Belarus as informed by the Council Regulation (EU) 2022/355 which introduces a ban on all wood products from Belarus in response to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The industry foresees that similar measures will be applied to Russian wood products.

Members also supported the decision taken by PEFC to classify Belarus and Russian products as “conflict timber” and therefore ineligible for accredited certification. Similarly, the European Timber Industry welcomes that wood and forest products from Russia and Belarus cannot be used in FSC products or be sold as FSC certified anywhere in the world as long as the armed conflict continues.

Copy of the press release can be downloaded:  HERE

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