Study: The Green Deal ambition: Technology, creativity and the arts for environmental sustainability

Responding to the challenge of rebuilding a resilient, sustainable, beautiful and more socially inclusive Europe, while facing a climate crisis and a pandemic, the New European Bauhaus has been launched as a comprehensive programme to break down silos and go beyond innovation within specific sectors. In its efforts to foster collaboration between arts, technology, science, social and cultural enterprises, citizens and institutions, the New European Bauhaus wishes to be open to insights, ideas and constructive criticism. This study combines knowledge gleaned from a literature review of the most up to date publications dealing with innovation in the technology and arts sectors with understanding gained from interviews with players from a diverse range of industries, professional sectors, institutions and societal groups.

  • The New European Bauhaus is providing an umbrella for already existing initiatives, says multiple interviewees, to advance the focus for this sector towards a radical circular approach to building, with a key role of the bio-economy and circular economy sector. This is clearly an opportunity to change urban planning, construction and manufacturing, to change the way we build and live in cities. In terms of materials, the wood sector appears to be first in line as an available resource with great applications and future potentials to expand even in other key sectors, as for instance that of renewable batteries and sources of energy. In the wood sector, the Nordic countries are the one leading the way. Experts have reinstated the key role of wood infrastructure as a carbon sink, as well new bio-based materials, innovative sustainable forest management approaches and full circular solutions, such as passport of materials, building-as-a-service, modularity, innovative business systems

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