JRC Report: EU bioeconomy monitoring system indicators update

The socioeconomic indicators for the Bioeconomy Monitoring System (“BMS-Jobs&Growth”) are prepared by JRC to monitor the socioeconomic aspects of the EU Bioeconomy. It has been widely used since its first release in 2017. This report is intended to serve as technical documentation for the latest release of the dataset (May 2023), which includes estimates of employment and value-added in the bioeconomy sectors for 2020. The report summarised the process to generate the data, and describes the methodological changes implemented with regard to the last release. These changes mainly affect the process for filling in missing data, which now uses additional economic information for the estimation of data gaps. The impact of these changes is limited compared to previous versions of the dataset, but it allows for better identification of sectoral trends and the effects of economic shocks, such as the one caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Lastly, the report also presents the current version of the online dashboard where the data is displayed.

To know more: EU bioeconomy monitoring system indicators update – Publications Office of the EU (europa.eu)


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