Commission work programme 2024

Source: EU Commission

The 2024 Commission Work Programme, adopted on 17 October 2023, puts a strong focus on simplifying rules for citizens and businesses across the European Union. This follows up on President von der Leyen’s commitment to reduce reporting requirements by 25%, in line with our strategy to boost the EU’s long-term competitiveness and to provide relief for SMEs.

The Work Programme reflects on the achievements of the past four years, outlines the Commission’s new proposals for the months ahead and presents significant initiatives aimed at cutting red tape. Some of these simplifying initiatives have already been put forward (15 proposals and initiatives since March 2023).  With the 2024 Work Programme, the Commission is putting forward 26 additional proposals to reduce administrative burden without lowering social, safety, consumer protection, environmental or economic standards.

With over 90% of the commitments made in the 2019 Political Guidelines delivered and just a few months left until the 2024 European elections, the new initiatives outlined in the Work Programme are limited to those still needed to deliver on the Commission’s commitments, or to tackle emerging challenges. The newly proposed initiatives build on President von der Leyen’s 2023 State of the Union speech and letter of intent.

Documents can be downloaded HERE.

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