Commission launches consultations on 2025-27 priorities for New European Bauhaus Facility

The Commission is  inviting all interested parties to participate in a consultation process to help define the 2025-27 roadmap for the New European Bauhaus Facility.

The NEB Facility is a unique EU funding tool that aims to revitalise neighbourhoods through design for sustainability and inclusion. The consultation launched today seeks to gather information on specific needs on the ground and as well as most cutting-edge ideas required for comprehensive transformation of neighbourhoods for the better. This will help the Commission develop the roadmap that will guide the facility’s implementation in the 2025-27 period.

The facility, established in the Horizon Europe 2025-27 Strategic Plan, covers the full cycle of implementation of solutions for neighbourhoods by combining two components: a Research and Innovation part funded by some €120 million per year of Horizon Europe funds, and a Roll-out part delivered through investments across different EU programmes. From a research and innovation standpoint, the facility has three focus areas: connecting the green transformation, social inclusion and local democracy; circular and regenerative approaches for the built environment; and innovative funding and new business models for the transformation of neighbourhoods. To deliver NEB-inspired transformation at scale, the roll-out component will combine EU, public and private funding to deploy innovative solutions, support education, re- and up-skilling, provide capacity-building, and more.

The NEB is a policy and funding initiative that strives for creating beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive places, products and ways of living. It weaves sustainability into our daily lives, linking the European Green Deal to innovative construction, advanced materials, and circular economy practices.

The consultation is open until 17 September 2024. More information on the NEB Facility is available in this scoping document.

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