EOS Summer General Assembly

EOS Members are invited to the EOS Summer General Assembly, which will take place on June 24 at 9am CET.

With the current Covid-19 restrictions, the legal department of our Auditor informed us that the situation remains the same as for the period after 30.06.2020. In view of the fact that it remains difficult to hold physical meetings and get together, it has been permitted for NPO’s ( non-profit organizations) to equate meeting by video conference ( Zoom, skype, Teams, etc,…), with logging in via the link on the hour included on the agenda. No statutory authorization is required any more.

These meetings are considered as physical meetings according to the normal rules of the association code, provided that the members have been duly convened, that the participants are recognizable in order to be able to vote and confer. Voting will take place as at an ordinary general meeting where people would meet physically. This means the unanimity that was previously required until 30.06.2020 has been relaxed for non-profit organizations.